Coronavirus Student Emergency Fund for PUC Students

Coronavirus Student Emergency Fund for PUC Students

The Need

PUC students and their families are profoundly impacted by the developing coronavirus situation. Our students rely on consistent financial support to pursue their dreams and many of them work while enrolled to pay their own tuition and cover education expenses. Our action as a global community to reduce the spread of coronavirus by shuttering workplaces means that student jobs whether on-campus at PUC or at local businesses are no longer available. To support our students we are raising money to help them meet their financial needs during this time of worry and uncertainty about the future.

How You Can Help

We believe we can rally as a network of alumni and friends of the college to support the young men and women pursuing their dreams at PUC. The gift you make today will be immediately used to support our students by allowing PUC's leadership to be flexible in their response to the coronavirus situation.

Please consider generously supporting students who are challenged to afford housing, transportation, basic needs, and access to required resources for remote learning, or who are facing other unforeseen personal difficulties during this time.

Our Response to COVID-19

On Friday, March 13, 2020, PUC leadership took decisive action by transitioning to online classes and exams. Face-to-face classes are tentatively scheduled to resume on April 27, 2020. PUC continues to monitor the coronavirus situation and the latest campus updates can be found on the Coronavirus Updates & Resources page of the PUC website.
Coronavirus Updates & Resources

Other Ways to Give

Cash or Check Gifts

Cash or check gifts can be mailed to the following address:

Advancement Office
Pacific Union College
1 Angwin Ave.
Angwin, CA 94508

For checks include Coronavirus Student Emergency Fund on the memo line.

Estate & Lifetime Gifts

Make a transformation difference in the life of a young person at PUC by considering an estate or lifetime gift.

Download our free Estate & Lifetime Gifts document to learn more.
Estate & Lifetime Gifts

With gratitude to our donors

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Column titles MUST start with a letter.
Values like {{row.2019}} or {{row.2019_year}} will NOT work


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